Ron Reichard, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Welcome to Christian Therapy Center for Relationships, where marriage is what matters.  I help people prepare for marriage, successfully navigate the challenges of marriage and restore meaning and purpose to their marriage.

Marriage is a continual process of connecting with each other.  When the connection is weak or stressed the relationship begins to feel unstable. This results in uncomfortable feelings of insecurity, loneliness and mistrust.  These feelings are like gauges that alert us to the fragile status of the relationship.  When we feel disconnected we make attempts to reconnect, but often these attempts result in conflict.

I help couples successfully reconnect by teaching communication strategies, problem solving skills and facilitating the reconciliation process.  Reconciliation begins when each person acknowledges their part in the relationship struggle, exercises a willingness to change and extends forgiveness.  Sound to good to be true?  Not really.  When couples want to reconnect and are willing to do the work, good things happen.

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Contact Ron directly at 619-954-1329 or e-mail Ron at reichardtherapy@att.net    
An appoint can usually be scheduled withing 2 days of contacting our office.  Take the 1st step today to an improved marriage. Don't let fear rob you of living and loving.

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